PAKY Hospital


lab 10% + Pharmacy 5% + Other Department 20%

Company Details

It is a private hospital established between 2009- 2013 by a group of surgeons and physicians in different specialties. They are affiliated to Hawler Health Directorate and Hawler Medical University. They agreed about certain principles and guidelines regarding both ethical issues and businesses in the private health sector.
To be a centre of art regarding the quality of health services presented in PAKY Hospital.
PAKY vision is to present the best health services in different medical disciplines e.g. Medicine, Surgery (General, Neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery and cardiac intervention, Urology, ENT, Orthopaedics and Ophthalmology), Cardiology, Gynaecology and Obstetrics and Paediatrics.
We want to bring the most recent advanced therapeutic and surgical skills to our country.
Helping the infertile people through our IVF centre is one of priority in helping our nation.
Our mission is to provide the best quality of health and medical services according to the International standards. To help and manage our people irrespective of their religion and ideology. To respect the patient’s dignity and personality irrespective of their age and sex. We want to have social equity in our centre for all whether they are poor or rich or they are leaders or they are just citizens or from which social class they are.
To encourage the medical tourism to our country by attracting patients from other countries and from the rest of Iraq
In addition to health and medical services we aim to implement the following plan in the future:
1. To be research centre of excellence regarding our outcome from operation and management of our patients.
2. To be a centre for education of our people through:
A. To have a PAKY- TV to distribute health education among our society.
B. To publish a public magazine for health education.
C. To have our homepage.
3. To have the private social and health security.
4. To have a network with other International Hospitals in Europe to exchange patients and skills and the most recent line of managements e.g. Sweden, Norway and Germany.